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Congratulations @Tommypinball, that’s great!


I’ve just read the piece on the BBC News website @Dannytc and I think you’ve done such a great job, so proud of you for doing this :slight_smile: - You’ve helped to bring such a taboo topic out into the spotlight, you may not feel like it will have any impact but somewhere out there, other people will be struggling with the same issues and you’ve given a voice to all those who feel too ashamed or scared to speak out.


Just seen this shared on a non-Monzo platform by someone I have no connection with :slight_smile:

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Amazing story @Dannytc. You’ve got lots of supporters at Monzo :heart:

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NICE! I’d like to hear that


Out of interest, when is the anniversary of your last gamble @Dannytc?


If I’m fully honest, my very last gamble date will be May 26th :frowning: as I bought a single scratch card but the date for last sports is in Dec last year.

So 137 days completely gamble free, but a lot longer since it was over taking my life.

A scratch card might not seem like a notable event but it really played on my mind afterwards for quite sometime, so have had to accept it was a blip and restart my count from then.

(Admitting to buying a scratch card was harder to write on here than telling all my debts to everyone!)


I’m so happy that you’re comfortable enough to tell us :hot_coral_heart: I would have completely understood if you decided you didn’t want to share the information.


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I think one of the main things about conquering addiction is recognising the way your brain tries to justify it… like “oh, it’s just a scratch card/cigarette/one drink” etc. So the fact that it actually played on your mind shows a really strong character and that you are actually beating this. Well done mate :grinning:


http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0000n33 [00:06:54]

Money Box


Really sorry not been around much, actually on holiday in the Sun waving hot coral to keep me cool! Ha

It’s been really busy time since all of this! Hopefully all going quiet again now after these last bits.

Off to London on Tuesday to speak at an event in parliament for MPs to help with a campaign that’s starting to try and get further regulations put on payday lenders.

I also wrote a bit for Save the Student website about alternatives to payday lenders when a student. Along with sitting on a “panel” in January that’s at a gambling conference, that’s about “does self exclusion work”.

Lastly, apologises for “bumping” the thread, just wanted to give update of what’s happened since!

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No need to apologise, glad to hear your enjoying yourself in the sun :sun_with_face:.

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Worth the bump, just because we’re all interested :+1:

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Well done Danny :grin: Glad to hear that good things are happening for you and that you’ve been enjoying some well deserved sun. :+1:

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Incase anyone still interested or been following the FOBTs stake delays, I’ve just recorded a piece for ITV news at ten talking about Tracey Crouch and the max stake delays. (Sorry to bump if you’re fed up of me ha ha)

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Wow famous now… Showing up in my Instagram adverts.
I assume (hope) you got paid . there is multiple pics of you to swipe through …


Well to end all of this nicely, with the main part being this started because of Monzo and how it started the chain of events that will keep me on the “right track”…

I got chance to write my words in the guardian about Christmas, debts and how this year will be different!

(Not trying to get attention from this, just wanting to ““wrap”” all this up before Christmas, and show that things can change quickly once you start trying!)

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Great article @Dannytc :hot_coral_heart: