ITV X - the new streaming service from ITV

Tons of programmes were made for it.

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Oo a bit of Goldeneye later

Before anyone goes oo I might watch one unfortunately these Bonds are heavily edited to be super family friendly.

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That must make the Dalton films about 10 minutes long.

Aren’t they all on Amazon now as well? probably in unedited as well.

£3.50 to rent, £8 to buy on Amazon.

I’ve seen them all plenty of times so I can do without.

Spoilers below.

In the ITV version they cut anything heavily political which is a lot with a film with a Russian storyline.

They cut anything politically incorrect, romantic scenes were shortened and the sex scenes removed.
Even the bit with Boris being frozen, I’m sure he normally gets shattered :thinking:

Onatopp role was a bit redundant, the first bit with killing the admiral is out so it’s just cuts to Bond finding the body and cuts away.

Then the second bit in the bath house where she attacks bond is removed to, it’s just Bond pulling her out from behind the column and cuts directly into “Take me to Janus” and fades out.

I think a lot of the swearing is removed to, even the bit with Robbie Coltrane where he tells his mistress to take a hike from thr awful singing she definitely gives him the finger normally but she just leaves and doesn’t cut away.

Still has the gun fights! Then again it’s on Austin Powers level of baddies run at the bullets and somersault in different directions.

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Let me guess, they cut out all the action, car crashes, the scene where Bond has a heart attack is casino royle

Good news for ITV

ITVX achieves its biggest ever month for Streams

January has broken records to become ITV’s biggest ever month for streams on ITVX.

There were 315m streams on ITVX throughout the month, more than any other month on ITVX or previously on ITV Hub.

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