ITV X - the new streaming service from ITV

Saturday night takeaway, Martin Lewis, The Masked Singer, and I’m a celebrity of all I watch on it, and probably all I’ll ever watch.

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ITVX seems to now be working with my HomePods.

I had deleted it and reinstalled it if that helps.

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Thank you!

Just confirmed it’s fixed on mine too! Didn’t have to uninstall.

I was able to resume my £3.99 sub now, and will start getting caught up on I’m a celeb and The Masked Singer, and Martin Lewis on Monday night!

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You usually have good taste in tv! Surprised you didn’t mention Loose Women too.


I don’t go anywhere near daytime tv! :joy:

I’m just a huge Ant and Dec fan.


I’ve been having a problem recently with the ITVX app on my LGTV, For some reason if I mute the TV For one minute or more and then play the content again there will be no sound on the content afterwards. I have to exit out of the content and go back into it to get sound.

Does anyone else have this problem or have they had it?

When you say “mute the TV” do you mean turn off the sound or actually pause the stream? Muting, by definition, is disabling the sound.

If you mean pausing, no. I’ve paused it for 10 minutes or so and it has picked up again when I take it off pause.

Sorry, I should’ve been more clear

If I pause the TV program and then go back to it after a few minutes, it may or may not have sound. I did post it on the X, as well as I link the video here.

Sometimes if I do mute the sound bar, but leave the content playing and then unmute the sound bar. There will still be no sound until I go out of the program and go back in.

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ITVX is a joke of a service in all honesty. I don’t know why the U.K. gets so shafted with their streaming services.

That bug is on Apple TV too. It also randomly pauses by itself and closes the app by itself at times too. And even outright crashes at times.

As much as I hated cable/satellite tv, and much prefer the streaming era, I think we need to go back to that centralised system though. These problems wouldn’t be problems if it was just a channel in the Apple TV app for instance. Charge the same fee but let Apple provide the app and streaming service on your behalf.


I love the masked singer but I’ve never been very good at guessing the contestants. The only one I ever got right was Raven Symone on the US version.

But episode 2. The second she started singing I knew. That’s Keala Settle from The Greatest Showman.

She’s only released the odd single since The Greatest Showman, but I’m a huge fan, so I’d recognise her voice anywhere. Not quite sure how the clues match her. But it is her. No doubt.

The only one I ever got right entirely by myself was Lenny Henry.

I also worked out Skunk Anansie, but that wasn’t all my own work.

Every year there’s been at least once person I’ve been convinced is Sean Hayes :sweat_smile:

And more that once I’ve confidently declared “That’s clearly not X” when in actual fact… :man_facepalming:

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Well I’ve since pieced some of the clues together!

All the cooking stuff has to be for her time in Waitress on Broadway.

Mike and Paul = The Greatest Showman (Mike was the director, Justin Paul one of the songwriters).

The hair stuff: she was in hairspray

I think there was a sister act clue in there and she’s just been in that too.

It’s just the drag stuff and the potential rupaul and Michelle visage stuff I can’t place. Some folks online are thinking it could be Michelle Visage too, but she can’t sing like that. I’ve seen Nicole Scherzinger suggestions too, and I get that, but Nicole has a much more stable voice. Can’t wait for that mask to come off. The panel is way off. The second there’s a whiff of an obvious greatest showman clue they’ll know though.

The one I’m always adamant is one of em on every season is Helen Worth, but then is never her. This year I think Bubble Tea is her. It won’t be though. :joy:

Edit: spoiler marked some stuff, just in case.

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Forced to use ITVX to watch the FA Cup matches and there’s still now PIP support :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.

Even Now TV have managed to figure it out.

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If there was ever any doubt:

I got one, I got one!

Not sure why I’m spoilering because I’m a week behind, but:

Prior week: Owl is in the sing off, performs Lally Stott’s “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep”. Am watching with a Scottish person, who is dead set convinced that Owl has to be Scottish because of the way they sang “Chirpy” (not sure I can accurately express it phonetically, but it was along the lines of ‘chirr-py’ Vs ‘che-py’.)

This week (well, last week): the songs are clues! Owl performs Happy Talk. At which point, I say "If they’re Scottish, they’re a Scottish person with a talk show, clearly. Happy talk! Lorraine has a talk show. So it must be Lorraine!

Get in.

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Same! :partying_face:

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Revenue down 2%… suggests the reduced profits were planned because of the investment into ITVX.

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What investment?

It’s naught but a rebrand. A fresh coat of paint over the top of the Hub. Still the same old crappy barely functional service underneath.


You have more exclusive programmes that are just for ITVX, whether originals or stuff from other companies. You then have the FAST channels. I’m sure there are also a few tech changes that we don’t know about yet. Plus incorporating the tech for ITVX Premium with exclusive shows (i.e. Britbox) which didn’t happen before would have cost money.

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