iTunes Billing

When iTunes bill you, if you’ve made a few purchases close together they are grouped. This then sends my feed haywire. I have subscriptions setup for apps and have set these payments are recurring in Monzo but as some months they get grouped it makes it hard to find, and then (obviously) Monzo misses the recurring payment.

Does anyone know if there is a way to be billed for everything separately?

They are shocking for it :slight_smile:

AM comes out on 2nd of the month for me, movies I have purchased on iTunes, if not purchased for a while have the £1 pre auth check, then it can take 7 days to be taken out or if I buy another movie within say 2 days then the previous movie and the new movie comes oout about a few hours later :wink:

There is no additional control for billing, aside from subscriptions, where you can see the billing date ahead of time. Otherwise, purchases are grouped and billed together (sometimes up to 10 days after the purchase).