It's time to kill the Payments and Help tabs!

Nailed it. They are different in my opinion/use; Budgeting is planning until next payday, planning is looking forward beyond this.

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The one thing I’d build on around Budgeting, is that Monzo seems primarily focused on Spending. While there are savings pots, etc, you can’t really factor them into your budget

I think the true power of a proper budget is when you elevate it’s status from a firm “I will spend £X on Y this month”, to a “What do I need my money to achieve”.

I’d argue a good budget is a future financial planning tool, that may help you get to your longer term goals on a monthly basis, but isn’t just about next month.


I think that’s right, and there should definitely be connections between them.

I probably wouldn’t want to do a weekly/monthly budget, but would want to think about future stuff (paying off mortgage, savings goals, investments…). But I can see that some people would just want to think about next week whereas others would want to do both.

This would be perfect! Hopefully the information in this post is taken on board and changes can be considered and reviewed.

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