It's my 2-year Monzo-versary!

And I got a nice card :grinning:

It’s amazing to think back on what we’ve achieved in the last 2 years, and I’m looking forward to seeing where we’re at in 2 years from now :grinning:


Congratulations! Here’s to the next two years - and beyond!

What’s your main takeaway from your time chez Monzo so far?

:monzo: :tada:

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They’re so cute and kind! Love Monzo.

Specially that it is a Mastercard too!

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Woo, I bet the time has flown! :mondo::hot_coral_heart:

That card is cute, little touches mean a lot!

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So many!

I think the main one would be that any new company should very seriously consider, unless there’s good reason not to, to implement policies around radical transparency and remote working from Day 1. I truly believe it’s a huge part of our success so far. It attracts a wider set of candidates and dramatically reduces workplace politics and anxieties.

And, whilst it might be difficult, existing companies that don’t do this should consider organisational restructures that allow for this to happen. My sister has recently started a new role as Head of Communications in an organisation that’s part of the NHS, and one of her tasks is to dramatically restructure their internal communications in a consistent, transparent, user friendly way. We’ve had quite a few conversations about how we do things here that she can use to improve things there, and I think so many companies could benefit from doing similar things.


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