Itemised bill splitting

Apologies if this has been discussed before.

I’d love to have the ability to split the bill based on items on the receipt, rather than the total cost each individual owes, to save you from having to work it out. I imagine it would need to use the Flux integration and therefore may be one for the future once that is more established.

Use case 1:
A group of you eat out. Rather than split it equally, you want to each pay for the items you ordered. Currently you have to work out what each person owes, but this would allow you to select the meal items and drinks each person ordered and then Monzo works out what each person owes and splits the bill appropriately.

Use case 2:
You go to the supermarket with a housemate to buy joint cleaning products for the house, but you want to buy some toothpaste for yourself. You split the bill, sharing the cost of the cleaning products, but the toothpaste is assigned to you only and you pay the full amount for it.

Anyone else think this would be worthwhile?


Makes sense as an extension of the ‘split the bill’ functionality.

Whoever is instigating the ‘split’ selects what they are paying for, and the remaining amount and the itemised list, goes to the other person.

Can you split a bill with more than one person? If so then this would start to get more complex…

Instigator selects what they need to pay for, the rest of the list is distributed to all people it’s being split with, each of them selects what they need to pay for from the list. Though I guess this could potentially end up resulting in multiple people paying for the same item and the instigator getting more paid back to them than they should…

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Yeah, I wonder if this is why this hasn’t been built (if it’s even on a list). The complexities and use cases start to get out of hand!

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A simpler way could be that the instigator just assigns all items on the list to the appropriate person (probably with the option of assigning and item to multiple people) then the list of items assigned and the total owed are sent to each of the others.

Since the instigator is already the one to set the value owed by each person in the current implementation, this would simply expand that behaviour and make life a little simpler for the instigator. I think this is also actually closer to what @Robrobrob was suggesting :slight_smile:

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Yeah I think it would all have to be assigned by the instigator, as it is currently. Then the others in the group would accept or reject.


Yeah I agree here (and with @Nsteer). It would be simpler option to build as well. One person ‘controls’ the items being split.