It’s the weekend at last! 🐶

It’s been a pretty manic week for me, so thought I’d celebrate the fact it’s the weekend. For me, it’s going to be nice to chill ahead of the manic week next week!

Anyone got any fun weekend plans?

For anyone struggling to get through to the very end of the day, I’ve included a special surprise for you below! :dog:


Not really a dog person but… look at its little face :heart:


Just divng into the app v4.15.0 code which has dropped in the Play store very late this week.


Ooooh :eyes: do share any exciting findings​:pray:


After a crazy week in a primary school teaching! I’m ready for a beer or two, Xbox play and watch Wandavision on Disney +…might give the Mrs a cuddle if she’s good :+1:

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Very little in terms of excitement - nothing to share here!
Loan top-ups and what seems like more robust login error-trapping and account recovery strings.

Have a nice weekend :smile:

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I’ve just started rewatching it again. I still find the first two episodes very odd! :eyes:

Sad times :frowning_face:

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Anyone else think they had connection issues before they realised the dog was a spoiler? :rofl:

:joy: I didn’t even think that. Did you try to refresh, and wipe your screen? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: