IST card not received

My IST Monzo card delivers to my old address and I have shifted to new house. How to order IST Monzo card on new address?

If it’s your first card you can’t do that.

If it’s not, change your details and order a new card.


I hear you’re a racist now, father!

But seriously, I do think there are a lot of these questions popping up which makes me suspect lots of fraud going on. It can’t be that this many people are moving within days of opening a Monzo account…


Pretty much my thoughts exactly too. Who moves just before Christmas and thinks oh I’ll just open up a new bank account knowing full well I’m moving in 2-3 days and they’re going to post the card…

I thought that on some other posts from today, always rings the alarm bells in my head.

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Why you opened a new account if you was due to move? Another scammer