Issues after closing a pot that was still in use


I closed one of my pots that I had multiple things setup with, for example paying direct debits and recurring scheduled withdrawal from that pot.

After doing that, the payments still said they were going to be paid from that pot and there were issues switching the payments to a different pot.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Create pot
  2. Pay direct debit from it
  3. Close pot
  4. Go to direct debits, see that the payments are still scheduled from that pot
  5. Attempt to change the payment to be paid from a different pot, see an error occurs

A workaround for this was to set the payment to come to no pot first, and then change it to a new pot after that.

OS: Android
Device: Pixel 4 XL
App Version: Latest

We seem to be having to do a number of workarounds to deal with tech issues lately.

Not ideal, nor progressive imo.

This has always been a thing, I just did your workaround and didn’t think to report it. Looking back it was a tad annoying to have to do so I’d second this being fixed!

I experienced similar today. I attempted to ‘edit’ a standing order, where the pot that the SO was set to pay from had been deleted since the creation of the SO.
Specifically, I tried to change the termination date of the SO.

The edits went through, despite the error message - on restarting the app, the view prior to editing shows the change I made, and no pot to make payment from. Note that prior to performing the edit, it had still shown as ‘payed from X pot’ despite that pot no longer existing.

Doing a random edit of my SO therefore seems. To have:

  • performed the edit
  • removed the outdated ‘payed from pot label’
    But both while providing no indication that this would occur, and in fact suggesting an unspecified error in the edit.

Not sure if the above warrants an additional bug report?