Issue with Monzo servers?


I’ve been trying to make an IBAN payment for a couple of hours now but gets message saying there’s an issue with the servers, try again in a few minutes

Any way to confirm if there’s an ongoing problem?



Monzo don’t officially support IBAN.

Where/how are you doing it? Through Wise?

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My BitPanda showed me my IBAN weeks ago :grin:

I noticed server problems yesterday :confused:

But it was last Thursday of the month, so (I believe) many Monzo users were after to get paid earlier at 4 pm :smirk::pound:
As I was on of them, couldn’t get paid for another 20 minutes :sob:

The issue is around Monzo support for the transactions, not the ability to generate a number.

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No mate, through the Monzo app… take it that a no-no then?

Status page says no problems

Try deleting and reinstalling the app and see if that fixes it