Issue when starting a chat with select transaction

The issue is that when selecting a transaction you have an issue with on the chat. The ones you paid using a virtual card from pot with don’t show, so it won’t let you start a chat.

**Details to reproduce:Go to help > Type in contact us > Start a chat > issue with transaction > select transaction = no virtual card from pot ones showing
OS: 16.1.2
Device: iPhone XS
**App Version:5.4.0


Ignore last message, I misunderstood.

Can you not go to transaction and tap “Something wrong? Get help” at the bottom

Sadly I can’t as it only allows me to select fraud. But I made the transaction.

The store is saying the payment failed and shouldn’t have left my account and if it did I should I already received it back as they rang me and forced me to pay it again. So technically I need to enquire about the original one.

It was with Very and funnily enough every single time I use a promo code, my payment fails and they ring me to pay it again but when I don’t it goes through but usually it instantly bounces back.

7/30 days for a pending Auth to drop off. Has either of those passed?

It hasn’t

I’d wait 7 days then look to reach out if not released by then.

Only ever really seen Uber take 30 days, never understood why it was variable in some merchants.

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I’m probably gonna raise a complaint with very over it, since like I say it always does it when I use a promo code. The moment the number rang i actually said I’ve been waiting for you. Each time they blame a different excuse

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Sounds a poor show.