Is there an app/service that works like Monzo’s shared tabs?

Is there an app/service that works similarly to Monzo’s shared tabs feature?

Something that allows me to add payments, determine what % I/someone else owe, and then adds it up to work out who owes what?

I don’t want anything complicated, and I only need it to work for two people. I guess an Excel sheet would work, but I’d like something fancier.



This looks good, thank you!

I’ll second Splitwise

I’ve been using it for 6 or 7 years and it’s been really useful. Very easy to use and not linked to a bank - important when trying to get others to use it as well.

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I’d recommend Splitwise. Whilst I can see where Kroo is going with its similar service, I think you’d be on a hiding to nothing convincing everyone else to get another debit card, when Splitwise works beautifully with everyone’s existing bank accounts.