Is there a way to unsubscribe from help chat emails?

(Calum James) #1

One of my biggest bugbears is receiving emails for things I don’t need emails for and not being able to unsubscribe from them (e.g. when topping up my Greggs card). We have very little free time as it is; it’s frustrating having to waste time dealing with email spam so frequently, for those of us who prefer clean email folders.

Monzo chat emails fall into this category: I don’t need the emails because the app informs me when you’ve got back to me and I can see your responses and reply to you within the app.

Is there a way to turn these emails off? I can’t see any unsubscribe links in the emails or any options in the Monzo app.

I’m sure emails are helpful to some people, but to many of us, receiving such emails is redundant and a nuisance.



You could block them or create a rule for them to go into a specified folder. You could also mark them spam/junk.

(Andy) #3

It does look like Monzo can enable an unsubscribe option on the chat systems but it might be turned off this now:

(Calum James) #4

Thanks. I know that’s an option, but I’d rather not create rules or block email addresses if the sender can give me the option of opting out. That’ll be my last resort if Monzo can’t give me the option :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m guessing there will be other people who would like this option as well because right now we’re all receiving two notifications (from different apps) whenever they reply.

(Calum James) #5

Oh cool. Thanks for the link! That looks promising!

(Andy) #6

There could be a reason why Monzo don’t allow unsubscribing, maybe they get quicker/better response rates not sure, hopefully we’ll find out!

(Richard Bairwell) #7

I’d like it if it only sent email notifications if the message in-app hadn’t been read within an hour or so. So if you read the in-app message within that time period, you don’t get an email notification - but if you’ve somehow missed it, you do get an email ‘just in case’.

(Change Works) #8

For me, they miss this category, but only just.

(Andre Borie) #9

I use rules to get rid of stuff I don’t need and can’t unsubscribe. Think Uber invoices, etc. You should do the same for Monzo chat emails. :+1:

(Calum James) #10

I could do, but that really isn’t the ideal solution, in my opinion. I don’t think I should have to manage rules around emails I don’t even want or need from hundreds of different companies.

I think the ideal solution is for companies and the government to give us more options. In this case, Monzo could give us the option of unsubscribing (unless they have a good reason for not doing so). In the case of receipts and invoices, the government should allow companies to let us unsubscribe from them (I asked Greggs why I can’t unsubscribe and they said they legally have to send them to us :sleepy:).

(Calum James) #11

Do you really need that, considering both the Monzo app icon and the Help icon in the app have a notification indicator on them, and (at least in iOS) if you miss a notification, it’s still there when you swipe up on the lock screen. I’m not sure if those Monzo features are available on Android, but that’s how it works on iOS.

Also, I’m not playing down your suggestion; I’m just curious as to your use case for it :slightly_smiling_face:

(Richard Bairwell) #12

Usually when there’s ‘Notification overload’ - i.e. I’ve just got a screen full of notifications (probably over night) and I just bulk clear them all without reading. Or if I’m on site with a client and have got my phone turned off/silent but I’m still checking emails. Or just missed the notification somehow (i.e. it came in as I was checking out at a shop and so assumed the notification was for spending and cleared it without reading) etc etc.