Is there a bug on safety net Monzo pot when withdrawing?

when I first set it up, it worked fine.

now when I go to withdraw, for months now, it acts weird, when I click withdraw, nothing happens, it takes me back to main screen, so I tap again and then it brings up the withdrawal amount, then the first screen pops up again for the 2nd time asking me to click whether I want to withdraw or not, and this final screen is irrelevant at this point because even if I tap don’t withdraw at the end it’s already withdrawn it anyway because I tapped withdraw at the start of the process.

I have since erased my iPhone and refreshed it, on the latest iOS OS so it’s none of that.

Anyone else having this bug? It’s really annoying because currently in a career transition and using my safety net quite frequently.

And when it comes to banking it’s not comforting to know of such simple bugs occurring for months on end without a resolution, hopefully there will not be other bugs that just accidentally brings my balance to zero.

attached screen recording here. won’t let me attach screen recording video so link to it is here: iCloud

or screenshots attached here but not as easy to see it via screenshots what is happening

don’t get me wrong I love Monzo but you don’t get better without the feedback

This happened to me recently actually. I was in a shop and about to pay for something but as it was our joint account and my partner was with me, I got her to take it out, but could have been quite annoying otherwise!

Forgot all about it until this thread.

I get slightly different to you though and I get an error, retrying does the same thing.

iOS - 16.6 (not beta)
Monzo - 5.38.0 (no testflight etc)

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