Is there a bug in the latest app, pots not updating, payments not appearing

Is there a bug in the current version of the software? Since last week payday every time I move money to a different account it is delayed by about 10 minutes or I have to shut down the app and restart it. The payment has definitely gone through because they get a notification on the receiving account. Also hiding and unhiding pots doesn’t seem to take effect each time initiate the action.

It’s becoming very annoying, and I can’t see any other posts on the community in reference to this issue.

Using Android on a Samsung note 10 plus

Have you tried reinstalling the app? That may help

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If you feel a payment/transaction should be showing in the transaction feed and isn’t, tap on ‘Payments’ then once the Payments screen is displayed, tap on ‘Home’ - is the payment now shown in the transaction feed?

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Are you on the stock or the beta app?

(I changed the title of this thread from ‘injuring’ to ‘updating’ as it was throwing me every time I saw it)

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