Is reporting outages on the main Twitter a good idea?

I love Monzo’s transparency, and I certainly want to encourage that. However, I don’t think there is a benefit to reporting outages on the main Twitter, for a few reasons:

  • I have no data here, but my guess is that most customers only make a transaction at most every few hours. They’re unlikely to spend during a brief outage, meaning the tweet causes them to worry about something they wouldn’t otherwise have noticed.
  • The Monzo app (at least on Android) already integrates with the status page to provide updates on incidents. I’m happy to look there if I’m having trouble, and don’t need the extra spam.
  • Assuming it’s official, there’s already
  • Other banks are less transparent, and for new customers scanning through Twitter, I can see the incidents making Monzo look unreliable. I know that’s not the case, but I just think in reality, people will see it that way.

Would love to hear what everyone else in the community thinks about this. Maybe this isn’t a problem but I’ve seen enough “Why do these happen so often?” replies to incident tweets that I decided to write this. I assume staff working at Monzo will know more about this than us and be able to provide a better insight.

Not publishing outages because of this is interestingly the Starling approach. I disagree with it

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I definitely think outages should be reported, I’m just saying that perhaps they should move from the main Twitter? Completely agree that it’d be a big dissapointment if they became secrets.

They are being moved to @monzostatus rather than @monzo so I’d say if anything they will be more visible since they won’t be buried in the main monzo account activity and there’s still the main status page - which allows you to receive sms updates etc


And #status on slack

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I thought it was just major outages on the main monzo feed and everything else on monzostatus?

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The Monzo’s Twitter account was introduced after the Monzo’s Reliability Report was published. The reasons for this are also stated in the blog post.