Is my question urgent?

Which one of these is Yes and which is No?

Room for improvement here I think.

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Three blank unmarked options, a Yes, Maybe and No?


Top one is No

Left is not urgent, right is urgent. What’s the boggle?


I’d say when the toggle is in colour it’s urgent, that’s how they tend to work, I agree it could be clearer, if it’s the same button on android as I know this is an IOS type toggle.


That’s a standard iOS UI element used everywhere including in Apple’s own apps. If someone can’t even figure those out I think Monzo should offer to trade their iPhone in and send them one of those instead.


I agree, coloured (right) is urgent and white (left) is non-urgent.

However I think some people here are missing the point; there is definitely room for improvement and this isn’t a brilliant user experience here purely because it just doesn’t make a lot of sense. If you have a switch, you expect it to have pretty clear “on” and “off” states (so it’s fine in that regard) and to be unambiguously labelled as to what you’re controlling, not in the form of a question.

For example, my new house has a bunch of switches with LEDs on in the kitchen, and each has a label like “dishwasher”, “washing machine” and so on. It’s clear when the LED is lit, the appliance is on and when it’s not, it is off. It would be weird if each switch was labelled “is the dishwasher on?” etc. We’d still know what was meant, but it would feel strange and wrong.

TLDR: it would be better if this just said “Urgent” or “Urgent question”.


I just saw this option today not sure how long it’s been on Android.

On Android you can actually bypass this completely…

Now I’d have one of those all day long !:+1::grinning:

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