Is it safe to share a screenshot of my feed?

The screenshot doesn’t include my account number or sort code. I scrolled down a little so it just includes my balance and a few recent transactions.

Is this safe to share? I ask because I had an issue with a refund with air bnb and they wanted to see proof of payment. So I have sent them this screenshot but I’m now worried that I might have somehow shared sensitive information. As I said the screenshot only shows my current balance and a couple of recent transactions, I should be okay right?

You’ll be fine.

They can only see what’s in the screenshot, so are you happy to share that info?


Hopefully one of the “recent” transactions is the Airbnb one? R-

If neccesary you can also tap into a transaction to see the details of the transaction which has less “other” info around it, so may be easier to share confidently.


You shared this on Reddit and got told it’s okay too