Is it permitted to pay for reservations on Turkish Airlines

Im new to Monzo and I want to know if its permitted to pay for reservations on Turkish Airlines and based on your experiences,Is requiered to verify credit card information before doing the check in? Regards

You can pay for whatever you want with your Monzo card. With a credit card you’ll get better protection should it be cancelled or anything though.

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If Turkish Airlines accept MasterCard, then they should accept Monzo. But if you can use a credit card, what @Ordog said is true.

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the problem is that Turkish sometimes needs to verify credit card physically at their offices or right before you chek in… has it happen to you?

Why is that a problem? Just take your card with you.

If you want to know for certain give them a quick call.

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yeah but im another country and yet i haven’t received the card physically and i urge to travel asap

If it’s urgent just pay for it with your other account. Saves all this worry and the risk.

You can then take your card and if they ask for it you’re covered.

Otherwise if you want to gamble, give the airline a call and ask :slight_smile:


the problem with their customer representative is that they keep saynig “we dont know this Monzo, what is Monzo” and im really scared. I dont have any other credit card. Since Monzo is a quick resolve my friends suggested it.

Don’t mention Monzo then. All you want to know is if they verify card information on check-in. The bank seems irrelevant?

How would you have paid prior to opening a Monzo account?

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I dont know to be honest. A friend af mine who is abroad is helping me opening it. Until last night i didnt knew Monzo.
In how many days have u received the card physically?

I think you’re just complicating things unnecessarily. If it’s urgent you have 2 options.

  1. Pay with an account you have a card for.
  2. Call the airline and ask

You should have an estimated date range given to you in app for when your card will arrive. Expect delays given the pandemic and that it’s near Christmas


Your account won’t be open until your card is activated in the app.