Is it lazy to get a cleaner?

It’s nothing to do with being lazy, it’s whether you feel it’s worthwhile to do or is it time that can be spent better doing something else.

  • Why order online and get and get someone to bring your order. Go get it yourself.
  • Why buy food from the supermarket. Make everything from scratch.
  • Why use a carwash. Get your own equipment and do it yourself

The list is endless.


Just returned home, and the new cleaner has been extremely busy - genuinely never seen the place so spotless. It’s so much better than I expected.

Marks on tables that I thought were permanent stains have miraculously vanished. Carpets look brand new. She even cleaned the oven and inside of fridge. Whoever said cleaning isn’t a professional job, is totally incorrect.

Even my partner is impressed. Very glad you guys persuaded me.


Glad to hear!

The Kondo woman is right! Cleaning does spark joy!


Just in time for Valentine’s Day :wink:

Are you suggesting they become a throuple or-?


Not at all. Insinuating it’s a great gift for their partner. A very clean house :grinning:


This cleaner chat made me want to get a cleaner. Where do people find them? Checkatrade comes to mind, but I know quality is very much so-so.

I used an app initially - eMop. After I found one I liked, I just offered them the same in cash and took it offline. I think an agency is good to start as they do background checks and stuff. There are also often adverts with numbers on those boards in large Sainsbury’s.

I used Checkatrade. The one I picked had about 60 five star reviews (and no negatives), so couldn’t really go wrong. Asked for a quote, they rang within 5 minutes, and booked me in for 2 days time. I then received an invoice and payment link about 10 minutes after the cleaner left - all very simple.

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