Is Bali still worth visiting?

And how expensive is Bali?

My friend and I are planning to go to Bali next year. I heard that it’s better to book flights and accommodation in advance but how early? Besides, last time I managed to find an awesome last-minute offer at a low price. What should I do? Are there any savvy travelers on this forum?

Bali has some amazing hotels inland at Ubud, or on the beach in Seminyak. They are pricey though, and if you can’t afford them, I would say the stuff lower down the chain is very poor for what you’ll pay. There is no middle ground, but sadly they charge middle prices for low-end properties.

Yes it’s worth it

I’m off there in a month for a month. It’s cheap as anything if you book via AirBnBs with a monthly discount. About £300 for a room with a pool for me.

Try not to go during jan - feb or wet season as it may spoil your Bali experience - tons of plastic from surrounding islands are washed on the beach every day. Every day the beach is cleaned and the same amount of plastics is back next day - it really makes you think and realise our impact on the environment.
Seminiak is usually slightly more expensive but you can still get good deals.
kuta is cheaper and good for partying if that’s what you are looking for.
Watch out when ordering Uber for the airport pick up as not all of them can come to the airport arrival building - there is an entrance fee and not Uber taxi drivers want to pay it.
I would recommend venturing out to other island near by If you have time.