Is anyone into ADS-B and MLAT?

This may be a bit niche for people, but does anyone else contribute ADS-B or MLAT data, and what’s your setup?

I used to used a generic DVB-T tuner with a Raspberry Pi Zero. I’ve recently upgraded to the new FlightAware Pro dongle with the built in low pass filter and the newer Raspberry Pi Zero W.

I’m using dump1090-mutability_1.15~dev and feeding FR24 and 360Radar.

For those who don’t know, this is a way to track aircraft.

360Radar is the best way to track military and non-commercial aircraft. It does this by calculating the pings between users base stations and calculating where the aircraft is (as the most basic explanation).

By feeding to these services I get a premium account for free.

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This is the sort of niche we come for!

When you contribute the data is there some form of recompense from the sites? Not thinking money, but do you get other data shared with you in return or the like?

Haha, blimey, you must have been reading my mind with that edit

I thought to add it just after I posted. It’s the Monzo effect :wink:

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I was reading about the sensors for lightning detection the other day

The idea seems to be similar, which got me thinking

Heard that ADS-B has the capacity to tell you how many meals are left onboard. Bit of a step up from the older message formats squashed to the absolute maximum!

I like seeing some of the older aircraft, as well as military, like the spitfires.

360 also reports FLARM (gliders) and some hot air balloons. They also show NOTAMS and live wind/rain/cloud data as well as some civil and military base radio frequencies.

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