Ironman Lanzarote with me Mondo Card

Hi Guys,
So in a few weeks time i’ll be haeding to the Land of Lava to race at the Ironman in Lanzarote, of course i’ll be taking my new shiney Mondo Card with me.

So anything I need to try out or test ?

Also can I withdraw cash in the confidence that i’m going to get an awesome rate?


As far as I am aware - everything will be great! I’m heading out to Lanzarote in October and can’t wait to use my Mondo card without any fees.

Everything should be fine, however be aware that there is a £1000 ATM withdrawal limit per month. This does not include paying at a point of sale.

I went to Lanzarote with my Mondo card earlier this year, just ensure that you select the correct withdrawal options to avoid the awful ATM conversion rates.

Mondo saved me a fortune in fees while I was out there.