🇮🇪 Monzo in Ireland (Éire) [Discussion]

Travelled to Ireland Dublin with Monzo and didn’t have any issues.

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I just came back from Ireland for Christmas - not only was it very impressive to get live currency rates (I got £1.17 for each euro) but it also offered to categorise Ireland so I could see how much I spent while there!

HSBC usually give awful rates and add 2.99% on to everything.

(The reference to how many Colcannon plates it equated to was… playful :s)


Title has an Ivory Coast flag :open_mouth:

Well spotted :eyes: it’s fixed now.

I Also made use of my Monzo card in Ireland a Number of times, predominantly in Cork, used Card Payments, ATM Withdrawal, and also Cashback, only got rejected once, but I think it may have been the cash machine having a fit, because I tried it straight away again and worked fine.

Only think I noticed, was that my ‘Welcome Home, you spent X while you were away’ notification, came through like 8 days late.

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Did any of the ATMs charge a fee?

No ATMs charged. You will be prompted sometimes asking if you want to accept the banks exchange rate. Also press decline. Monzo does this for you, this is the only way you could be charged. Any questions let me know

The only time I’ve had issues in Ireland was at the toll barrier just coming off the ferry! The woman initially said they didn’t accept card until I said I couldn’t pay any other way and then she soon changed her mind haha


Thanks for the info…

Any idea what the Euro exchange rate would be like?

today it was €1.10 to £1 - you can find it here - no bank fee just put the currencies in , you might get charged by the ATM to exchange - this is out of Monzo control :slight_smile:


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Is forced DCC still a common issue in Ireland? It’s been a few years since I was there, and DCC was not only rampant but sometimes hard to avoid. I always avoided it, but it would be tricky. One common transaction flow was to show the following on the PIN pad - ‘[DCC converted amount]/Amount ok?/yes/no’ - the correct answer is to hit no to be charged in euro, but it makes it look like pressing no will cancel the transaction entirely.


On the Monzo in Ireland [Wiki] post it says

All employees always refuse to try it but I’ve never seen my Monzo card fail on these booths.

I can confirm though that the Monzo card works perfectly on these, I constantly use on the unmanned baskets where you can just tap the card into a contactless reader pad and also used a few times after arguing with, and convincing the employees there to try it.

Might have been related to the prepaid card

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The Dublin tunnel toll still refuses the cards. It was because they were prepay but they still flat refuse it that it’s changed.

Dublin Port Toll did not accept my Monzo. As soon as the lady saw the coral beauty she said “we don’t take those!”, same again opposite direction so I used my Halifax instead. The other tolls accepted it just not that 10 euro port tunnel one. :frowning: