iPhone XR - Did you pre-order?


Oh! Not between those two, although I can tell a little difference in the XR pixelation (LCD vs Retina) but its minuscule!!! The XR screen is comfortable enough for me to ignore the MINOR pixelation that I can see. No, no, no. Its price and spec (OK and maybe colour option, LOL!!!) that’s swinging my fancy toward the XR. :slight_smile: Haha!!!


I definitely think the XR is unbeatable here (as far as iPhones go).

I’m not sure there’s anything I’d miss if I had an XR (over the XS) - I’d also enjoy the £300+ saving!

(Ravi) #44

Having always been on Android I’m just used to OLEDs and really prefer the deep blacks, but for £300 I’d take the LCD every time. If it’s anything like my 7 Pus or iPad Pro then it’ll be bloody excellent.

I also really don’t get the issue with pixel density. 326PPI is more than high enough for a display. I don’t think anyone would bring it up if they if they didn’t know it was lower than 1080P.

(Simon B) #45

I’ve been using the XR for a week now in tandem with the Pixel 2 XL, and the only time I’ve noticed the lower res is on Facebook, for some reason. Not sure if it’s down to the way they render text or something. Even then it’s not a showstopper.

Literally everywhere else it’s negligible.


Not found any issues using the XR myself and no real difference to the XS max i had or the pixel xl 2 i had.

(Andy) #47

I’ve gone from TouchID to Face ID and I much prefer Face ID now, it even works with glasses with no issues and it no light conditions. Very impressed.

(It was like that when I got here. ) #48

I felt the same initially with an X.

I have to say I prefer it now, especially for opening apps and validating passwords.

(Ravi) #49

Totally agree with this. The phone is unlocked and ready to use before I even see the screen.

(Andy) #50

I found I pocket dialled and pocket deleted apps with TouchID, you can’t with Face ID


Good watch.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #52

With my experience of logging into Atom, I dreaded Face ID with the Xr. I’m very impressed (and relieved). With and without glasses and flexible angle to the face. Suits me. :grinning:

(Colin Robinson) #53

I think Atom have one of the worst FaceId implementations I’ve ever seen:

That’s on the iPhone X.

(Andre Borie) #54

WTF is this. A custom Face ID implementation? Spoiler alert: it’s nowhere as secure as the OS-provided implementation.

(Colin Robinson) #55

And doesn’t work most of the time!

(Richard) #56

Have been contemplating getting an X for not much more than an XR.

Tough choices…

(Andy) #58

I think I’ve decided to wait for next years, if I can last another year with this 7 plus :thinking:


Good to hear.


I don’t think my 5S will last that long.