iPhone Discussion

One chap wanted to have me fired and was going to the local paper.

Ahhh I miss retail :grin:


This is giving me unexpected levels of anxiety. Never done it before and the payment plus having to manage deliveries is stressful. Wish I had an Apple Store closer to me.

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Ah we rarely get local paper anymore. It’s all ‘my partner’s an influencer’. Far less dramatic.

Re the slightly more (but not a lot more) relevant discussion on stainless steel watches, one of my climbing friends has a stainless steel Apple Watch that’s scratched to pieces. He says it makes it look cool (I don’t agree :sweat_smile:), but climbing on gritstone will scratch basically anything. Phones somewhat less likely to get scratched of course, although I have had a few loose stones hit my iPhone while taking pictures and it doesn’t seem to have scratched from that.

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If I was upgrading I’d have this waiting to install as soon as I opened the box.

What’s the best temp glass screen protector out there for not crazy amounts of money

I think the Spigen in the link above probably. They have the best rep, and mine did okay for the five minutes or so I could stomach having it on my iPhone 12 when I first got it.

What didn’t you like about it?

I honestly can’t tell any difference when I have it on.

Ordered the Spigen screen protector. I’m going with the bare minimum protection - so I won’t be buying a case.

Barclays Partner Finance DD set up today. Getting there, just waiting for it to ship now :grin:

Also waiting for my express replacement to ship while I’m anxiously regretting not just going to a store :upside_down_face:

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i might have to get this, looks good … I usually rock my phone naked - but the scratches on my screen are a bit deep this time round. you ever used the glass protectors for the back too?

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I haven’t. It feels stupid. And since the Pros started coming pre-scratched by Apple I haven’t seen a single scratch

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Yeah. I’m planning to get them to put on a protector in store before I even use the device. IF I have time

Are you sure you weren’t in America at the time… you met a Karen or Kevin

I just paid off my last payment on my old 13PM, it’ll be like nothing happened

My HomePod mini finally got the update

agreed, they feel rubbish

I always use a case - usually the Apple silicone. The iPhone (especially the Max) is not grippy enough for me without a case. I also want to keep it close to as-new condition for the maximum trade-in.


Good Ol’ Tom is back again

iPhone 15 battery life tested — here’s how long all four models last | Tom’s Guide (tomsguide.com)

How exciting, unsure why it’s an iPhone 15 series exclusive though since the data is already there for Coconut battery/etc to use iPhone 15 Models Finally Show Battery's Cycle Count - MacRumors

They probably don’t want iPhone 14 users seeing how shit their battery is