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I upgraded my 14 pro to a 15 pro in blue, a few weeks back. Really like the colour of the phone and don’t want to put a case on it. Thinking the same as npc_06 is Apple care worth it or not. 15 pro is so much easier to hold compared to the slippery sides of the 14 pro.

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I had the 14 Pro Max and now the 15 Pro so it’s much nicer to hold, obviously much smaller but the new slightly curved sides are also a huge difference.

I will probably Flex AC+ with theft and loss just so it feels less of a hit. :laughing:

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I wasn’t until the coating on the stainless steel sides started coming off which isn’t covered by AC+ but led to a trade-in value of £200-odd for a 14 Pro

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Also the sides don’t mark with fingerprints as easily as 14 pro. I still have monzo premium, 6 month term up around same time as my last chance to take out AppleCare, so it’s some protection if I dropped it for now.

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I used my 13 Pro without a case for almost 12 months and never had anything like that happen, it was the graphite colour.

Here is one of the images I took before selling it:

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I dropped it less than 5cm on tile (bathroom shelf) and it went all shit. Never trusting coloured Apple frames again.

Plus I like to keep my phone face down on a table so the case helps there. Has to be a thin one though.


Fair enough! I use a MagSafe popsocket so my phone even without a case never actually touches my desk, never put it down on the screen either.

What colour 15 Pro did you get?

Once. But that’s what AppleCare is for - without the loss/theft

Had the iPhone for a few weeks now.

Few more thoughts from my earlier post

  • Again can’t get over how good FaceID is. I spent YEARS thinking the technology was crap due to Samsung’s implementation of it and wasn’t looking forward to it on the iPhone, but it’s been great (although there is that annoying part where if you’re lying in bed or at an awkward angle it doesn’t work)
  • Used Apple Pay for the first time the other day, it was very easy and crucially worked in TESCO which was really finicky with my old android phone, but that might be due to where the NFC chip is positioned on that device that makes it awkward.
  • I’ve just come back from a holiday so have been taking lots of snaps, camera is good and fast and I like the 5x zoom.
  • I really like the Photos app. I’ve moved all my photos from google photos to this now and it’s been excellent.
  • I wrongly moaned earlier about not being able to add TESCO Clubcard to Apple Wallet, but this got resolved. I wish other apps supported it though (Starbucks, Greggs etc) for the loyalty cards, unless I’m missing something again :slight_smile: . This is a third party issue but it’s really annoying opening separate apps to scan a barcode that could easily be stored in the Wallet app. I’d much prefer to bypass the apps entirely and just manually add the barcode/loyalty number instead like for Google Wallet.
  • Notification center/notifications are not great I won’t lie. It’s not much better on Android either but I think the android implementation is better.
  • There’s no consistency around “Back” behaviour in apps. Some apps do it well with the swipe from the left thing, but others don’t - it’s quite inconsistent. I wish Apple would enforce consistent behaviour across all apps.
  • I’ll re-iterate the point made earlier, the Action Button is a missed opportunity. If Apple makes it multi-function in iPhone 16 I’ll be so mad haha.

Had the screen protector + case on for a while now and they’ve been fine.

I did purchase AppleCare with theft and loss before my holiday, not sure if I should keep it up for a year as £12 a month is quite a lot. One thing I wondered was where on the scale would they consider personal responsibility to be a factor in approving a loss/theft claim. My holiday was at a Center Parcs resort and one of the attractions there is a huge indoor swimming/waterpark complex. Once you’ve gotten changed into your swimwear you put all your belongings into a locker and lock it using the wristband which is used to get into your accommodation.

If your phone gets stolen from the locker while you’re out swimming that would AppleCase pay out? After all you’ve personally left the item ‘unattended’ in the locker and Center Parcs explicitly state to NOT store valuables in the lockers (the pictured items are like watches, jewellery etc not phones, but would you consider a phone a ‘valuable’?) and they don’t take any responsibility for losses. I tried to pore over the legal documentation that came with AppleCare about it beforehand but couldn’t find a definitive answer on this.

Other “Gadget Insurance” policies are a little clearer on it, they say you MUST store gadgets in safety deposit boxes if you plan to leave them unattended otherwise your claim is null and void.

I decided not to risk it and left the phone back at my accommodation while swimming, another member of our party was present in the lodge at all times.


How are Apple/insurance going to know you put it in a locker?

“I had the phone in my pocket, maybe I dropped it or a pickpocket took it”

A police report is needed for the loss/theft component. Last thing you want to do is lie to the police.

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They aren’t going to know either. Or care. Or do anything.

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Yeah that’s what I was thinking in terms of police report etc.

I’m just wondering where the line is on personal responsibility i.e. purposefully accepting the T&Cs of the premises you’re leaving the item in (like a locker/gym locker etc) vs. getting mugged, phone slipped out the pocket on the bus, burglary.

The former you’re willfully leaving the item unattended and have reasonable grounds to assume its safe (the locker) but I’m not sure where AIG or whoever offers Apple’s insurance product falls on this.

I suppose the line is very hard to draw, e.g. if you left the phone at your work office with the reasonable expectation your property would be safe, and you stepped away for a meeting and someone stole it - could you claim?

Lying to stay within some well defined line is one way I guess.

You’re both really overthinking this. You’re not in a Netflix drama, nobody is going to go through CCTV to see what happened and check your whereabouts. Apple requires FindMy to be turned on.

If you put it on a park bench to run around the park, that’s probably not the most sensible but it would still be stolen and you’ve insured for that.

“The last time I remember having it I put it back in my pocket”

The end. That’s it. They can’t prove otherwise, can’t know you’ve been swimming, running or purposely put it in a water tight bottle and threw it into the sea.


Hah yeah you’re probably right, it’s just I’ve had bad experiences of insurance companies in the past and am always suspicious of them due to the get out clauses and onus’s on following the exact terms of the policy.

AppleCare theft and loss insurance is through AIG, so while Apple may have had a say in shaping the insurance product and administering claims etc, AIG will have the final say on whether a claim is valid or not.

I think the expectation is that you take reasonable care to ensure that the product isn’t lost or stolen (but of course insurance terms will apply).

I try not to overthink it. People go swimming and they will leave possessions in the locker. The signs are there for the business to cover themselves. I’m not sure how an insurance company would handle such a claim but I won’t live my life worrying about those things. I have the insurance. If I need to make a claim and I succeed, great. If not I’m not much worse off than if I didn’t.

That said lying to insurance companies is fraud and can have serious consequences. Not to mention lying to the police. You should never do that, no matter what a chocolate brand says on the internet.


I’ve got a Starbucks card in my wallet but it was added so long ago that I don’t remember how it got there.

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Long long ago, the Starbucks app used to support the wallet app. They no longer do.

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“I’ve lost my phone” when it’s sat at home is very very different from “I’m not sure where I lost it” because someone stole it from a locker that for some weird reason isn’t covered.

You need to step into the real world and not just what the rules say!

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Get an app called “Stocard” it lets you scan the loyalty cards and add them to the wallet.