iPhone 14

I don’t know? It just does somehow.

Turning the wallpaper off would make it like the watch I believe, and I don’t find the always on display useful there so I don’t use it.

I’ll try it when the option is there and report back, but I don’t see myself liking the feature enough to use it without it.

It is an actual brand! I’m not just calling tripods a Joby for the fun of it! :joy:


to be fair, a Yorkshire expression is: “Can you pass me that Joby over there”

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That would be “jobby”, wouldn’t it (speaking as a Yorkshireman myself). I presumed “Joby” would be pronounced Joe-bee.


I think you’re probably right

I tend to use “Pass me that thing over there” instead


And yet that was the whole selling point of the Series 5, and a big differentiator still between the SE and the regular models.

I definitely prefer it. It strikes the right balance between giving you ambient info and just being distracting IMHO.


I don’t mind the data on the AOD, I just wish I could turn the brightness down just a touch. I honestly sometimes struggle with whether the screen is active or not!

Or even (and I’m aware this is likely too complex) - really limited dark AOD with just time and notification symbols, then a tap on the screen to provide the current AOD brightness and level of details, and swipe up to access the full phone and full brightness.

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