iPhone 13

Only what if it didn’t wear the battery any harder than the expected life, or generate anything hotter than normal.

Its designed and engineered to take that speed so you shouldn’t be shying away from charging fast that you are afraid you’ll wear it out quicker.

If you use the Ampere app you can see charging speeds and temp. The phone won’t let it go over thresholds.

It’s a bit like charging the newer 800 volt cars, they have been specially designed to take the heat without degrading the life.

You can use the 350kW all the time and never charge on slower 7kW if you really wanted to. You shouldn’t have the mindset that I’ll better to keep to using the slower methods because you think the battery can’t take it or might impact on its life.

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Save your money, you’ll want a mirrorless camera before long :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I believe OnePlus deal with this by moving the charging circuitry into the brick.

I can’t remember any big batterygates about fast charging and it’s been available for a few years.

I can’t speak for people, but it’s definitely something I’d use every day. The sheer convenience changes your charging habits.

Android (or some distros) I believe makes it particularily hard to see battery wear to even know.
My point was more the laws of physics and the fact all lith-ion batteries have big wear issues with heat.
I did a bit of a google and thats part of the reason a lot of the fast charging talks of charge time to X% as it slows the charge down at the end to try and mitigate the extra wear.
I guess it depends on if you feel the battery getting hot, if it gets hot then its doing the battery no help for wear.

Quick charging isnt a big deal for me as I charge my phone when I go to bed so I am happy for it to be the slowest charge it can be, really I value having all day battery life most but when I travel being able to boost occasionally would be useful and I can see why others with more mobile lifestyles would like it.

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The idea is that in five years time you have say 80% of the original battery capacity and performance.

So that’s 80% after spending five years charging rapidly now and then when needed at 120W


80% after spending five years charging very slowly at 20W the end of every day.

The point is they are both designed and engineered have the same lifetime regardless of how they are charged.

If you put out a phone which nuked the performance of it after one or two years of charging at 120W then yes that would be pointless and damage reputation.

That’s what engineering is all about. 20W isn’t the optimal speed that should be the max until the end of time. It’s basically what was possible back in 2018. It’s just Apple being lazy and knowing it’s followers are loyal and complacent. iPhone 14 will have 40W and they’ll go look we doubled it aren’t we clever.

And all batteries have built in thermal management so even the 20W will be its peak in the same way 120W will be its peak on that battery. No battery to my knowledge would run at the max potential from zero to full.

It’s the same principle with EVs in getting away from the ritual of plugging in every night and slowly charging, to being able to top up when needed rapidly at a fueling station (like petrol/diesel now)

5000 mAh and 120W seems a decent mix without adding too much extra weight. Apple will now doubt have this in its labs right now for future release. It probably could have released it now if it that was the marketing plan.

How the 13 pro max is 240g are they making it out of lead. There’s no excuse if it turns out it has 4000 mAh :crazy_face:

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I saw today that the internals are exactly the same. No new processor, sensors or battery. Literally a slight change for the screen and that’s it.

Probably about time they went for a refresh every 2 years.


The more I look at the new baby blue, the more I like it. Then I look at the ugly silver bits where the coating rubbed off the blue frame of my 12 Pro, and remind myself of why I want to get the silver 13 Pro Max

The coating rubbed off your 12 Pro?! Mine is still pristine. caseless. Dropped once or twice.

One point in favour of the new blue being lighter, and more silvery, is this sort of thing will be less noticeable.

It hasn’t rubbed off due to friction as it used to do for the X, but it’s come off in several places where it’s even lightly scratched

I’ll go with white, it’s easiest (and at least back in the X days could be polished)

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Does the graphite have the same issue?

I think all of the colours other than white are coated with the colour but are otherwise silver underneath. Now last year Apple claimed that the gold one had a different coating process making it much more durable, but not sure how that worked out (or which models get it this year)

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So as an iPhone upgrade programme user for many years, I have some questions to those who use other payment options for iPhone (@andrew_fishy @coffeemadman)

Does the iPhone Payments option via Barclays allow you to select pick up from store option, or do you only get to have it delivered?

If you select AppleCare+, is it rolled into one monthly payment or do you end up with two, one for the loan and one for AC+?

With the upgrade programme, there doesn’t seem to be a formal trade-in process so the phone doesn’t get inspected under a magnifying glass. Is the trade in process at Apple Stores different? Do they care about cosmetic damage when trading in outside of the upgrade programme?

Finally, I wonder if I can switch up how I want to pay for the phone in the store if last minute it turns out that the Upgrade Programme offers AC+L&T

This is so annoying – Apple doesn’t seem to care so much about the UK market. They make the upgrade programme quite cumbersome, and it’s unclear what comes bundled with it now. I asked Apple via their business chat and the first response was “we don’t know” and the second one was “let me check” then I never heard back. The iUP page makes it seem that only the standard AC+ is included though which wouldn’t be good enough

So I’m left with – no AC+L&T but an easier upgrade next year; or a painful upgrade process with AC+L&T… annoying

I’m on the iPhone Upgrade Program and I find it very confusing

It’s rolled into the monthly payment

I looked at the upgrade programme and they don’t offer L+T on it

I switched away from the Upgrade Program to the Barclays 0% finance - because I rarely (if ever) switch my phone through the upgrade program, I tended to sell them on & pay off the IUP remaining balance.

The Barclays 0% one works basically the same, except you don’t get a free upgrade, and during covid, it was the best way for me to get the phone there & then - as stores weren’t open for IUP.

There’s no silver bullet on which is best, if you’re upgrading every year, go with IUP, if not, then go with Barclays.

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I didn’t think i’d be upgrading this year honestly, but I can think of situation I may need to use the Macro mode on horses.

That’s fair - I’d take a look at somewhere like CEX to find the trade-in-value for your phone vs the remaining amount on you IUP, to see if that’s worth doing (or not). :+1:

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Yeah. I could have Mazuma it, like I have in the past, and gotten £600 - but I thought it would be easier to do it via Apple this time, I guess time will tell

Oh, it’ll probably be easier via Apple, just depends if you think sticking with IUP is worth it, or if you could make some profit off the phone etc. etc. to fund the initial downpayment on the new phone :smiley:

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