iPhone 12 Pro problems

I’ve been having two problems with my iPhone 12 Pro and wondered if anyone could help.

  1. See attached image - every now and then I keep having a line pop up in the same place when scrolling through things. It’s pretty much happened since I’ve had the phone so it’s not related to any IOS firmware I don’t think. But then if it was a hardware problem it wouldn’t show up on a screenshot. I thought it was hardware problem until I had a thought of doing a screenshot a couple of days ago, and see if it shows up on the screenshot which it does.

  2. less often now but VERY frustrating. I go to make phone calls but when I do…. Nothing happens. There’s no dial tone or anything. It’s just silent. EE have looked into this and can’t find any problem and think it’s a problem with the phone. Apple have just announced a new repair program for a no sound issue. But don’t give any further details. So I’m not sure if this is the same issue or not. One time I made 20 phone calls and it did nothing. Whilst EE were investigating they couldn’t see all the calls made on my call log.

Have you taken it to the Apple Store? Honestly 99% of the time they sort things out for me, and usually with no charge.


Not yet. But I will do if I can’t find the problem myself.

The nearest Apple Store is a bit of a ball ache to get to. So I’m really trying not to go. The other option is posting my phone to apple to Inspect but then I’ll be phone-less until I get it back.

Number 1 might be a scaling issue. @N26throwaway explains somewhere how some things don’t natively support the iPhone 12 resolution but because Apple are so good at making it look normal with their scaling, there is no incentive for devs to fix it. So I suspect it’s just a case of the website header not fitting correctly next to the fill colour of the topmost bit of the screen (the bit with the ‘ears’)

Or it could be an iOS 15 bug if you’re running that?

For the second issue, could it be an old/malfunctioning SIM? I had similar issues occasionally with my carrier and switching away to a different provider resolved things

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Thanks for the reply.

  1. This problem used to happen on IOS 14 too. So i don’t think it’s an IOS15 issue.

  2. Hmmm ok. EE did mention about changing the sim but then advised against it.

They got me to change SIM cards with my gf (who’s also on EE) and try the sim in eachothers phones. I didn’t have the problem, but neither did she with my SIM card. I think it was one of those typical “problem never occurs when you want it to” like when you have a problem with a computer and call IT, they come down and the problem doesn’t occur whilst they are there. :roll_eyes:

Have you tried the basic catch-all fixes yet? Particularly getting a new sim card or doing a factory reset? Always worth a try that stuff

Haven’t tried a new sim. But the restore doesn’t help.

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So I think definitely try a new sim for the phone but if that doesn’t help, see Apple support.

Actually I’d see Apple anyway. I think the line looks like a graphics chip problem. It’s probably not the software, as you’ve done a reset and changed OSs which should have solved a software issue, which means it’s possibly a hardware issue*. In my experience any slight hardware fault with a chip gets worse over time and the only fix is replacement so its better to take it in sooner rather than later.

*taking a screenshot of it prooves it isn’t an issue with the screen, but screenshots are still capturing whatever your hardware is rendering.

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Ah ok thank you.

Yes, to be honest I never thought about that. (Could still be a hardware issue) it had me quite stumped.

Oh well. I guess it’s a visit to apple after all :sweat_smile:

Cheers for your help/advice.

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I have a 12 Pro and I’ve never seen that dotted line. Bizarre it shows up on a screenshot though.

It’s not a dotted line, just a line of whatever content is behind the header on the website.

I only ever notice it on Discourse so I think it’s just the UI elements not being adjusted properly which isn’t on Apple

Couple of things I’d try with the calling,

When it fails does the call minute/second counter go up? and when it fails if you redial does it go through or it won’t call for a while? Is it happening when connected to WiFi?

If you can’t call for a while when it fails try turning voice over LTE off and try again,

See if you can call 105 , that’s the power cuts line, (just put down if you get through to the menu) , that should work like 999 and use any available network, and should rule out most problems with your hardware and indicate an EE issue.

I could be wrong on the 105 part.

If the phone is from EE it would be on them to sort , and they may be able to swap it in store , avoiding time without your phone.

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Yes the counter still increases as if I’m on the phone.

There’s a mixture. Sometimes I can put the phone down and redial and I get through to the person. Other times I call them back and have to try a couple or few attempts. It’s not very consistent.

No. Phone is from apple directly.

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Speak to apple support, they are the dog’s.

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Wasn’t there an option to get a replacement iPhone by post before you’d sent your faulty one in? Or was i imagining that? I think you had to pay a refundable deposit. Again, maybe I’m making this up.

I thought that was for those using Apple’s trade in service.

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They’ll do that if they “confirm” it’s broken first

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Which they can do for software issues over the air, right?

Even if you do that. They take the price of the phone £999 and hold a charge against your card until your broken phone has arrived to them.

This is what happened when I had a defective AirPods. Then they just release the charge when they receive your item.

I have had problem 2 intermittently on my current iPhone 12 Pro Max, and my previous iPhone XR. eSIM in both cases. EE in both cases.

I suspect this is an EE issue…