iPad app

I don’t see this happening this year (or next) but who knows.

Personally I think they’d be better served building a ‘web desktop’ app so anyone with a tablet can access that and get ‘more’ in their view.

I not sure if they will do this yet but lots of people are asking about it.
May they should make a web base way to log in then even if you have any type of table or laptop you could log in and get more of a view but in this day an ago of every think is app based if the make an table app for iOS and android not be what every one is what’s.

Isn’t that exactly what the person above you wrote several hours ago? :thinking:


I love using the Monzo app but would love it even more if I could use an app designed for the iPad rather than changing the dimensions (which is unattractive, reduces quality and can’t be done in landscape mode). Hopefully this will happen eventually!