[iOS] ‘You’re set to underspend by...’ not calculating correctly

Issue: ‘left to spend’ updating incorrectly

Details to reproduce: this morning my summary told me I was set to underspend by £136 this month (the text under the wheel). I transferred £100 into a pot so I wouldn’t spend it and the summary changed to set to underspend by £101. This seems odd, surely if at my current spending levels it would change to £36? It’s a new pot so wouldn’t be predicted I don’t think.

I’ve noticed a few times when I move money into pots there is inaccurate changes to what my spending is. The balance inside the wheel of what I have to spend minus committed spend is correct but it’s the prediction below that’s wrong.
**App Version:**2.29.0


I was under the impression that transferring money to a pot wouldn’t have any impact on your budget spend since you’re not spending the money just transferring it to a pot in the account

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If I move money to a pot it’s because I want it separated from my spending money though surely? I want to be able to glance at my summary and know if I’m okay for the month, if it’s red I know I need to cut back and not have to go down my budget and see how much I’ve put in pots that month, subtract or add that to the random number above and work out what’s remaining myself. It should work the same as It would if I moved the money to an external savings account.

That is what I would want from pots as well

I have a weird situation too, it told me I was going to have around £90 left, and then I set some work expenses I paid off to not be included in summary as I had been paid the money back from work, so was just paying off my credit card (using the money that had been paid into my Monzo account a week ago). Once I paid that off by transferring the money from a pot to my account, then paying my bill, it changed to you will have £72 left

Why is this? I transfered £450 into my account, and then instantly paid my card off with £450. Surely the figure should be exactly the same??