✅ iOS voiceover accessibility bug – edit field not allowing me to edit on budgets page and split a bill page


I use the app with Voiceover on iPhone. I have been facing this issue for quite a while now. I was hoping it would be resolved with app updates.

Basically, when I try to set budget on the summary/budget page for each category and overall budget, I can interact with – and + buttons with no issue but,the field displaying the current value - it reads The current value of the field and gives a hint “Tap to edit” but when I double tap to interact with the field it doesn’t let me edit the field and the keyboard with numbers doesn’t appear either. Same thing happens when
I try to split a bill and enter custom amount.

Overall the app is great and a lot more accessible compared to other banking apps. I’m really grateful as almost all parts of the app is accessible to me barring few unlabelled elements.

Device used: iPhone XR running iOS 13.3.1 Monzo app version 3.32.0 # 633
Voiceover: Ask siri “Switch voiceover on”

Hi Suresh!

Thanks for posting this, I’m raising it with the team right now and will give you an update when I can.



Now if that isn’t support, I don’t know what is!


Just a quick update, the team should have a fix for this bug released in the next week or so. Thanks so much again for raising this, and thanks also for your lovely feedback in the original message.

It’s great to know that you find Monzo accessible overall. If you come across anything unlabelled or something that isn’t working as expected feel free to tag me on here and I’ll do my best to get the feedback to the right people, or you can raise this to our customer support team who will do the same! Have a great week @srsk03!


Thank you very much… Looking forward to the fix in upcoming app updates :grinning:
Keep up the good work :clap:


I am happy to report all the issues have been resolved with subsequent updates a few weeks ago :slight_smile:


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