iOS UI bug

Hello. Opened Monzo application when shared my internet connection on iOS.
Connection bar on top overlaps Monzo application…

Hello, it’s more of an iOS feature than a bug! As long as you have something connected to the Personal Hotspot, that blue bar will be there, just as, as long as your actively navigating to a destination, but not in the Maps app, the green bar will be there. You can’t turn them off. :disappointed:

I personally do not see any app overlap on iPhone X using iOS 11.3.1 whilst using Hotspot.

Submit your feedback directly to Apple using the appropriate link on the Feedback page:

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Yes… but compare these screenshots. Why this happened ?


Interesting!! It seems like vector scaling is not working properly on the left handside screenshot! :frowning:

Why don’t I ever revive the ‘payday - your salary has been paid’ notification?

I’m still waiting for my first salary to be paid into Monzo, but can anyone confirm if you should in fact get the ‘your salary has been paid’ notification, as above — or is it a generic BACS notification showing amount paid in? :moneybag:

Apologies for (kind of) hijacking the thread!

I’ve not had this notifcation - hence my question above

It’s just a normal Faster Payment / BACS notification.

Thanks for confirming! So what’s the logic behind the preview notification? Little bit misleading, or is this something that will be implemented in the near future perhaps? :thinking: