iOS UI bug


Hello. Opened Monzo application when shared my internet connection on iOS.
Connection bar on top overlaps Monzo application…

(Ray Singh) #2

Hello, it’s more of an iOS feature than a bug! As long as you have something connected to the Personal Hotspot, that blue bar will be there, just as, as long as your actively navigating to a destination, but not in the Maps app, the green bar will be there. You can’t turn them off. :disappointed:

I personally do not see any app overlap on iPhone X using iOS 11.3.1 whilst using Hotspot.

Submit your feedback directly to Apple using the appropriate link on the Feedback page:


Yes… but compare these screenshots. Why this happened ?

(Ray Singh) #4

Interesting!! It seems like vector scaling is not working properly on the left handside screenshot! :frowning:


Why don’t I ever revive the ‘payday - your salary has been paid’ notification?

(Jai Sullivan) #6

I’m still waiting for my first salary to be paid into Monzo, but can anyone confirm if you should in fact get the ‘your salary has been paid’ notification, as above — or is it a generic BACS notification showing amount paid in? :moneybag:

Apologies for (kind of) hijacking the thread!


I’ve not had this notifcation - hence my question above

(Adam Kendrew) #8

It’s just a normal Faster Payment / BACS notification.

(Jai Sullivan) #10

Thanks for confirming! So what’s the logic behind the preview notification? Little bit misleading, or is this something that will be implemented in the near future perhaps? :thinking: