✅ [iOS] Summary Headings Truncated

(James) #1

Summary Headings Truncated

iOS 11.4
iPhone 6s (Dynamic Text set to smallest setting)
App Version: 2.2.0 #418 (TF)

Steps to reproduce: Open up Summary Tab - Have Dynamic Text set lower than the default setting.
The titles become untruncated when scrolling past them and then back up.

Squash the bugs!
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(James) #2

@HughWells can I just check that this hasn’t been missed, just as it doesn’t appear in the big list as being ticketed/already reported. Thanks! :smile:

(Hugh Wells) #3

@jdnicholas not at all!

I was just checking what the status was on this, the answer is a fix is coming soon :eyes:

(James) #4

Great, thank you! Apologies for my impatience!