✅ [iOS] Summary graphs wrong scale

When viewing the previous months summary graph thumbnails on the summary screen the scale is wrong, looks like the outgoings are higher than incoming when they aren’t. Going into the big summary graph further proves that

Details to reproduce: click the month at the top of the summary screen to see badly scaled graphs. Clock relvent month to see correctly scaled graph
OS: iOS 12
Device: iPhone 7 Plus
App Version: 2.15

Summary thumbnail:

Detailed summary screen:

Weird! Can anyone else on iOS reproduce this?

My account on Android doesn’t have this issue :thinking:

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It’s fine for me on iPhone 5s (same everything else) but I did have more going out then coming in. Bar proportions are correct though

I only have one month where it’s massively wrong.

The other months are right, although the graphs don’t look entirely to ratio…

image image

Example of ratio being wrong - There is a £800 difference between in and out - Bar looks identical.


Every month is wrong for me :confused:

Yeah I’m seeing the same. I hadn’t noticed because I don’t use the Summary tab at all. A weekly salary is still an alien concept to it.


Like @hdwrng said, I also don’t really pay much attention to this.

I only did it to make @glasgow feel like he has some company :smiley:


Hey all, sorry for the confusion here.

We have some inconsistency between the figures returned in the month picker, and the main chart.

The main difference between the two is that starting balance is counted as money in in one place and not the other. We have this on our list to fix up.


Cheers @Jami :raised_hands:t2: