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Now that iOS 12’s Shortcuts app is here, can Monzo make use of it? Maybe when you run your morning shortcut, move a set amount out of your coffee pot? I realise it’s a lot like IFTTT, but it’s built straight into iOS.

Just an idea, really.


Just started looking at this, Monzo is already on the list of supported apps however the shortcut to send money doesn’t see to be working just yet. Sending just through Siri though seems to be working.

Would love to see more things on shortcuts like moving money into pots, automatic splitting of transactions, being able to take pictures of receipts. Sure they are working on things like this early days for the release of the app since beta testing.

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There is a workaround here for connecting Shortcuts with IFTTT which could give rise to some interesting Monzo integrations

Has anyone come up with any useful shortcuts yet?

I’ve been using reddit to get some this now!

I haven’t tbh. I need to look at it in more detail.

There’s a lot of potential. I guess it’s trying to identify any routines I do that can be automated. But not sure I have any :man_shrugging:t3:

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I’ve been keeping an eye on saved Twitter search:

for shared Shortcuts and are both great resources.

Worth noting you can still access all the IFTTT integrations through shortcuts.

I’ve just set up a Siri “swear jar”. “Hey Siri, I just swore” calls a Webhooks integration in IFTTT and puts £1 in my swear jar.

Good article here:


Lol I clearly missed @James_Hatts’ reply. That could’ve saved me some searching…

I just tried to set-up a share sheet shortcut that takes the name of a statement I’m trying to export and files it away into iCloud Drive or Dropbox. After faffing around with it for a while I noticed that the file name Monzo uses to export these statements is today, and not the actual month of the statement :man_facepalming: that seems backwards :upside_down_face:

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So… basically… I want to put a BIG FAT button on my widgets screen using Siri Shortcuts and when I press it, I want it to move £X amount to X Pot…

Basically I am asking for Monzo to support Siri Shortcuts… to be able to move money to Pots at the press of a button… sumular to the IFTTT intergration but obviously not using IFTTT…

Anyway… Please Monzo?


If you use Webhooks’ IFTTT integration, you can combine a Shortcut on your widgets to move £X in to pot Y.

Look at this guide (just ignore the fact it’s for Amex, you can use it for anything): Integration with Amex


For stuff like
sending a payment by text
checking my overall budget summary

It’s been a while since this thread was started but since iOS 13 was released Shortcuts now comes installed as default and has been supercharged. It would be great if Monzo could add some native integrations.

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We could now do things like:-
If you visit the gym then I could add money into a pot.
If my son makes a FaceTime call to me, because he is a university then automatically transfer £20 to him.

just as a couple of off the top of my head ideas.

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I’d like some integration with iOS 13 shortcuts too. Getters could include “Current balance in pot ”, or “Spent today”. Actions could include “Transfer money to x”. I can imagine a few useful things that could be done with this, and I much prefer iOS built in shortcuts to ifttt

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