✅ [iOS] Scheduled payments for after the end of BST are getting setup the day before [NOT BUG]

Issue: if I schedule a payment now for any date after the end of summer time, it’s showing up as happening the day before I picked.
It’s likely setting it to happen at midnight and not accounting for that shifting back an hour when summer time ends, but it really should take the date I picked

Details to reproduce: schedule a payment for 2nd nov 2018, once its added it then shows up as being on the 1st in the notes and payment detail screen. You can’t edit or select the right day, it’s always a day behind. Payments set for before 28th Oct work fine
OS: iOS 12
Device: iPhone 6s
App Version: 2.15.0


why not trying settings the date for the 3rd and see if it moves back to the 2nd

Thanks @hartree :pray:

Yup, it works off UTC which is why it can go a bit funny during BST :see_no_evil: