[iOS] Pre-notification and Summary Prediction Missing for First Direct Debit Payment

Issue: I setup a new direct debit on my account a few weeks ago. The first payment was collected today (Tues), but there was no pre-notification item in my feed yesterday (or before the weekend) letting me know the first payment would be collected. In addition to this the payment was not mentioned in summary as upcoming.

Details to reproduce: Setup a direct debit, wait for first payment.
OS: iOS 11.4.1
Device: iPhone 8 Plus
App Version: 2.15.0

Screenshots: N/A

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I’m speculating here but this may be because monzo don’t know it exists until the first time it’s requested? Some DD are setup before the first payment is taken while others aren’t and wait until the payment is required.

Hopefully it will work the second time.

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My PayPal direct debit was set back up recently as a new DD and it appeared in my upcoming notifications. Not sure if there are certain scenarios where it would appear in the bacs batch file but not be shown in app

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Since BACS is file based I would presume that the request comes in prior to the collection date so they should know about it.

Monzo definitely knew about it as I got a notification in the app a few weeks back when the DD was setup.

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I was wondering if the payee perhaps sent the setup message and a post-dated first transaction (for today) all in one go when the DD mandate was setup.

I’m just guessing but I can see how that might be a type of message that is processed differently (to a standard payment request) and end up not triggering the pre-payment notification message.

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I don’t think it’s anything unique to you/the merchant as I recently set up a lot of DDs on my joint account and I didn’t get pre-notified for any of those first requests either.

Reading further (thanks GoCardless :grinning:) it looks like there is a different transaction code used by the payee when submitting a payment request to Bacs for the first payment collection vs the code used for all subsequent collections :thinking:

… But without someone from Monzo chipping in this is all guesswork :man_shrugging: