[iOS] Monzo Plus doesn’t work with “Left to Spend”

Issue: I have just noticed that the Monzo Plus payments are not factored into Left to Spend, as after my Monzo Plus payment was taken today my Left to Spend figure dropped by £5.

On iOS in the transaction details for the Monzo Plus payment, you don’t get the option of marking it as a repeating payment, but it always shows up in Summary under Committed Spending. So I assumed Left to Spend would factor the payment in like it does with every other payment in Committed Spending.

OS: iOS 14.3
Device: iPhone 12 Pro
App Version: 3.63.1

It shows correctly for me. Also on iOS

Works for me too, Premium on Android. It shows me that I’ve got £15 less to spend than what is in the account - prior to the date the Premium payment is taken.

But I don’t have any other budgets set - maybe this is the cause?

I don’t have any budgets set either :man_shrugging: I’ll keep an eye on things and see if the issue occurs next month too.