[iOS] Monzo Plus doesn’t work with “Left to Spend”

Issue: I have just noticed that the Monzo Plus payments are not factored into Left to Spend, as after my Monzo Plus payment was taken today my Left to Spend figure dropped by £5.

On iOS in the transaction details for the Monzo Plus payment, you don’t get the option of marking it as a repeating payment, but it always shows up in Summary under Committed Spending. So I assumed Left to Spend would factor the payment in like it does with every other payment in Committed Spending.

OS: iOS 14.3
Device: iPhone 12 Pro
App Version: 3.63.1

It shows correctly for me. Also on iOS

Works for me too, Premium on Android. It shows me that I’ve got £15 less to spend than what is in the account - prior to the date the Premium payment is taken.

But I don’t have any other budgets set - maybe this is the cause?

I don’t have any budgets set either :man_shrugging: I’ll keep an eye on things and see if the issue occurs next month too.

Monzo Plus is still not factored into left to spend for me :frowning:.

This month when it appeared in my feed as an upcoming payment, I deleted the app and reinstalled it in case I had any bugs, and after the payment was taken, my left to spend dropped by £5 so it hadn’t factored in Monzo Plus again.

As before, it shows in Summary in Committed Spending, and it now shows in Subscriptions and Direct Debits on the payments tab which is new for me, so it’s halfway there… just wish it was factored into left to spend like all my other recurring payments.

My Premium subscription is correctly reported in my Personal account left-to-spend as one would expect: £15 outgoing to pay for it each month. I have no budgets set and the upcoming is shown categorised as ‘Finances’ as I set it.

Are you iOS or Android? (I’m :android:)

I’m on iOS :apple:. I don’t have any budgets set either.

I’m tempted to say this is an iOS ‘bug’ but without checking my :monzo: account on an iOS device I can’t be 100% sure about that.

Anyone else with Plus/Premium on iOS having an issue with the monthly subscription not showing properly in Left-to-spend?

Are you still running version 3.63.1? I’m on 3.66.0 and not noticing the issue?

I’m on 3.67 now, but 24 hours ago when I noticed the issue had occurred again, I was on 3.66 as 3.67 wasn’t out yet.

If 3.67 has fixed it, I won’t know until next month. I update the app every week when the new version is out.

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Just to update this as my summary period has reset again - Left to Spend is still not factoring in the £5 Monzo Plus payment.

After the payment is taken, Left to Spend drops by £5.

As before, it did show up in Summary in upcoming “committed spending”, so should be factored into Left to Spend, and does show in the scheduled payments tab in “subscriptions and direct debits”.

:apple: iOS 14.4

Monzo app version 3.70.0 at the time of Plus payment being taken - I am now on 3.71.0 which was released today, but as the payment is now deducted I have no idea if 3.71 resolves this.

This is still an issue for me, latest payment (yesterday) still dropped the left to spend value by £5 when it was taken. I can’t believe it seems to be only me that it’s not working for :frowning: or maybe it’s just too minor for anyone else that has noticed it lol. I’ll check again next month :slightly_smiling_face:

Still have this issue, although it seems it’s now only a bug for a small time window (pretty sure it wasn’t like this on previous months).

It now only breaks “left to spend” from 1am on the day the Plus payment is due to be taken, until the payment is taken.

So now it’s like this:

  • Start of Summary period until 1am on the day Plus payment is taken: “left to spend” shows the correct value, and “committed spending” shows the upcoming Monzo Plus payment.

  • 1am until Plus payment is taken: “left to spend” value increases by £5 indicating it’s not factoring in Monzo Plus anymore, and Monzo Plus completely disappears from “committed spending” in Summary.

  • Monzo Plus payment is taken (at 4:15am this month): “left to spend” drops by £5 again back to the value it should have remained at, and Monzo Plus returns to “committed spending” in Summary.