✅ [iOS] Monzo app not working properly on my iPad mini 5

Monzo app not working properly in my iPad mini 5

I don’t believe the Monzo app is designed for the ipad.

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Certainly is for my iPad Air 2. Can’t see why it wouldn’t be ok on the mini. R-

You need to provide more details in order for us to help.

In what way isn’t it working properly? What are you trying to do, what are you expecting, what errors are you getting?

What iOS version are you using, what version of the Monzo app are you using?

Basically, if you provide as much detail as possible we can try and replicate it and pinpoint the issue for you :slight_smile:


Well, the app won’t let me do a lot of things.
It’s showing a red screen with an X in it.
Can’t get past it to check pin or anything.

It works fine on the iPhone. I’m not worried. It’s just a dam nuisance.

You tried deleting and reinstalling?

As @Ordog says, you need to provide exact details for Monzo to be able to replicate/test this out if they have access to an iPad Mini 5.

I can’t say for sure as I’m an Android user, and when I first got into the App it pops up with asking me to Scan my Fingerprint. (It’s not setup for Face ID on Android, as far as I know, even though my phone has this capability). So is this what it can’t recognise? As @Rat_au_van says, have you reinstalled? As at a guess your Fingerprint Scanner/Face ID works outside of Monzo?

Are you able to screenshot it with your Phone’s camera?

Ok, it’s working again. Delete, reset, reinstall… omg, it’s just like using windows again!


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