[iOS] monthly iCloud payment not remembered in committed spending/scheduled payments

For the past few months, each time my iCloud payment is taken from Monzo, it doesn’t recognise it against the existing “iTunes” subscription created in the Monzo app by toggling on the “repeating payment” feature. The transaction is the same amount each month.

It means that it still shows that it is yet to be taken from committed spend, and when drilling into the details on the latest payment, the “repeating payment” toggle is off.

At first I thought it was just down to Apple changing from iTunes billing to Apple branded billing, but it has continued to happen each month since.

Each time it has happened (I think this started in November), I have turned of the previous “subscription” in the payments tab, and toggled it on for the most recent payment, hoping that the following month will recognise it this time, but it has kept happening.

During this time period I have deleted and reinstalled the app a few times - for bugs not relating to this, so a clean install doesn’t seem to fix the issue.

My other recurring card payments (e.g. Netflix) have not had this issue.

:apple: iOS 13.3.1

iPhone X

App Version: