iOS bug when requesting money

Issue: when requesting money in iOS on iPhone. After a successful request the tabs at the bottom of the app are no longer visible. The only way back to the main screens are by closing and re-opening the app

Details to reproduce: requests money. Complete it successfully. See that no tabs are
OS: 14.0.1
Device: iPhone XS Pro
App Version: 3.53


If you are on the app store version of the app there should be a fix for this coming in the next update.

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@AaronF has it - it’s a known bug also reported here;

and shown as an incoming fix here;

@davidwalton This is the notes from the TestFlight on Thursday so i presume the fix will be rolled out to the app store version at the start of the week that will fix the missing tab bar.

Sorry in advance if my comments are confusing.

I’m on the latest TestFlight version 3.56.0 and I still have this bug :bug: