[iOS] Biometrics Error Message says that "Touch ID could not be enabled at this time" even when the phone has Face ID


If you try to enable biometrics for authentication on iOS, and the process fails, the error message says “Sorry, we weren’t able to activate Touch ID at this time” even if the phone uses Face ID.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Go to Settings → Privacy and Security
  2. Enable “Face ID for Authentication”
  3. Enter your pin incorrectly, to cause the process to fail.


OS: iOS 15.5
Device: iPhone 13 Mini
App Version: 4.40.0


I’ve seen this in a few apps and assumed it was something to do with Apple’s authentication APIs.

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The app doesn’t ask permission to use the API until the first time it is needed, so I don’t think it’s that. It might be a 3rd-party wrapper or SDK that lots of people use.