[iOS] Barclaycard Labs - App crash

So I wanted to get the new account layout in my IOS app, and I heard that enabling the Barclaycard feature in labs forces you to have it. So I did that, force quit after enabling, reopened the app and voila! Great! But I don’t have a Barclaycard, so I went back into labs and disabled it. Force quit, restart the app, and great I’ve still got the new account layout.

Unfortunately the entry in my feed stating “Connect your Barclaycard enabled in Labs” is still there, so out of curiosity I clicked it, and Hit next 3 times, and then click “Connect your Barclaycard”, I then get a red screen with “There was a problem - auth.json not available” - totally expected that this wouldn’t work. However what it then does is automatically the screen goes black and you can’t get back into the app except by force quitting and starting again.

What I would have expected is that with the labs feature disabled, that the respective entry disappears from my feed to prevent this rabbit hole.

**OS: IOS 12.2
Device: iPhone XS Max
App Version: 2.40.0 #516

Can you not get rid of the alert in your feed with the grey cross on the right hand side of it?

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Yes. But that’s not really the point I’m making. There’s an active error in that flow, because the flow is left active despite the functionality being disabled. The easiest solution would be to check whether the functionality has been enabled when you start down that path.

Just because there’s an X that I can click to remove it from my feeds is neither here nor there really. Unless you only test for happy paths?