[iOS] balance not up to date

Issue: I am not sure this is worth reporting, given a force quit of the app has updated the balance, but thought I’d just get this down whilst my mind is fresh and in case it happens again.

I was trying to use Summary just now, but when I clicked on any of the categories in committed spending, I was getting a “token expired” error. I am on the App Store version, not TestFlight.

I wanted see what upcoming payments were showing as predicted, because my upcoming spend was showing very high even though most of my direct debits have been taken for the month today.

Anyway, because of “token expired” error, I force quit the app. And when I went back in, my balance dropped by a large noticeable amount (to what I realise is the correct balance). The upcoming payment values in Summary also updated (to the correct values).

I hadn’t noticed before doing this that my balance was way off, because I predominately rely on “left to spend” which seems to have been correct all along, and all my transactions were showing on the feed. I had also hopped between home and payments tab a few times today (the thing that usually forced a home page update).

Anyway I’ve rambled on now :sweat_smile: and maybe not worth noting, but I’ve never seen that issue before. Any time something on the home page has not updated before, it’s been extremely obvious, but this is the first time I’ve had the main balance not update even though everything else is, with no signs of it having trouble obtaining an update.

iOS 13.5.1

iPhone X.

App Version:

TLDR - main account balance only updated after a force quit of the app, whilst transactions and left to spend remained updated without any force quitting.