[iOS] Assorted issues after changing phone and then signing back in

I upgraded my iPhone last week and experienced issues after doing so.

Issue one…

I moved from an iPhone 10S to a 11 Pro. I transferred the phone content directly (i.e. phone to phone), using the iPhone’s built in feature. Everything transferred and Monzo, like other apps, seemed to work straight away. However, after a couple of days I realised that although notifications were coming up, when I went into the app, it hadn’t updated until since before the switchover. No amount of screen refreshing, within the Monzo app, cured it.

In the end, I logged out to see if this would help. tl;dr, it did - this is my first issue to report (i.e. why the Monzo app no longer updated after the transfer).

Issue two…

I forgot which email I was using for Monzo and, when signing back in, I used the wrong one. It didn’t say the email was invalid but, instead, took me through the process for signing up, despite me having clicked on the “sign in” option.

Issue three…

Not sure I needed to follow this through (I hadn’t realised at this point that I’d used the wrong email address), it prompted me for my phone number. It came up with a red error screen - I’m assuming because the number was allocated elsewhere, but it was generic, unhelpful message.

Issue four…

There was no way of backing out of this screen. The only way to restart the login process was to delete and re-install the app. This was very frustrating.

Issue five…

When it sent me my “magic link” to log-in, I got a “letter out of envelope” animation and nothing else. No explanation of what I was meant to do - in this case I knew, but I can this being confusing for some users.

I hope the above information is helpful. Let me know if you have any questions about it.


To summarise the bulk of your issues - it’s the login / signup flow that needs improvement.

This has been brought up a few times and it isn’t specific to iOS either. I agree it could be improved but there have sadly been no plans announced to my knowledge.

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Moving the monzo app to a new iPhone is a know issue, you have to reinstall, iCloud restores don’t work so I assume also phone to phone restores also.

The wrong email issue, has been mentioned extensively as ordog said, but it makes the sign up slicker for new users so there’s two ways to look at it.

Other suggestions/issues are good also.