iOS App very slow and consuming lots of energy

When I open the iOS app my phone quickly heats up and the app becomes incredibly unresponsive.

Seems to have started when I upgraded to monzo plus and added other accounts.
OS: iOS 14.5 RC
Device: iPhone 11 Pro Max
App Version: 3.78.0


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It’s nothing to do with upgrading to Plus.

Delete the app. Restart your phone. Redownload the app. That should fix it.


Done - has not improved unfortunately.

iOS 14.5 isn’t out yet, so it might be a bug in that.

Possible - this is the RC release though.
Also, I really think it started when I added the extra 3 accounts after upgrading to plus.
(The app was a bit slow before upgrading to iOS 14.5 and adding the accounts but now it’s unusable levels of slow)

It’s nothing to do with that as otherwise it would be causing issues for a lot of people.

But you’ve given in a few minutes to see if it’s affecting your battery over a 24 hour period?

For reference, I also have Plus/integrated accounts and mine is below 1%


This sounds like it could be part of this bug: TestFlight Release Discussion - #824 by ynzc

The last few releases have theoretically been addressing it but I’m still getting a lot of lag switching between connected accounts, and occasional crashes. Nothing quite as bad as whole phone overheating tho.


I will do but I felt the phone heat up almost instantly so I imagine it’ll be very similar.

If you click on ‘Monzo’ in battery settings, it should show you how long it’s been on screen and in the background

Looking at the chart, you keep the battery full pretty much all the time, this is quite unhealthy habbit

I only have 2% usage

I’m an iOS developer and have my phone plugged into the laptop for development most of the time :smile:

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Says 11m on screen and 1m in background

This might be part of it :eyes:

The performance issues are there even when I don’t have it plugged in.
Also, I don’t have these issues with other apps.

The app has become very slow for me in the last few day. Haven’t noticed the battery problem though. Just really laggy

It’s a known issue that connected account make it slow - I am on 3.79 via testflight and the lag seems to have been solved

Is there a way to join the beta?

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I can echo that the App is again, incredibly slow and even frustrating to use, and hogs battery. I have an iPhone 12 mini, iOS 14.5, and on Monzo Plus with a Connected account. I’ve got to the point now, where I don’t enjoy opening the app because it is so slow.

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I agree with this. It’s so frustrating and I’m wondering is this in the works.

I have multiple connected accounts and have no issues or increased battery usage on iOS