iOS App Slowdown & Lag


Thanks but makes no difference I think Monzo know it’s at their end - hopefully the fix will be released early next week.

(Nick) #169

I’m guessing it’s because every transaction ever is loaded in the feed, and they haven’t implemented paginated, infinite scrolling. No need for more than ~20 transactions max, and then load some more when you scroll to the bottom… :face_with_monocle:

EDIT: sounds like the new build has it. Can’t wait :nerd_face:


Today has been the slowest the app has been for me ever. I deleted and reinstalled on Monday and it did speed things up, but today I have been so frustrated using it.

It’s payday for me today and I’ve been trying :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: to move some money about, send some cash and get some cash paid (owed to me).

Even trying to send a link to someone for my sort code and account number was painfully slow. After several attempts, I got there in the end.

I asked my company’s payroll to start pay long me into my Monzo account, I am 100% reversing that and have emailed them to keep things as they are currently. Big regret.

This has put me right off.

I cannot tell you how frustrated i am with monzo because of this.

(MikeF) #171

The TstFlight release for next week is looking quite slick in comparison so there is hope.

(Jack) #172

Along with iOS 12 release being this month, should give some iPhones a new life!

(Sarantis Chatziliadis) #173

Issue: The app is extremely slow on the iPhone 6, only this app. Everything else runs smoothly.

Details to reproduce: N/A
OS: 12.0 beta build number: 16A5366a
Device: iPhone 6
App Version: Latest
Screenshots: N/A


Latest shipping from the App Store, or Testflight beta?

(Sarantis Chatziliadis) #175

App store

(Matt) #176

After downloading the update today I had high hopes that the app would be faster and more responsive. Alas it is not. It is still unusable for everyday use because of the lag times between tabs or selections. It’s painfully slow. As much as I think the platform is the best one out there I might have to look at another card issuers because of the poor performance of the app.

(MikeF) #177

Has there been an update today? Where are you looking? The TrstFlight update from the end of last week is really quite quick so you may have other issues going on.

(Matt) #178

I downloaded version 2.13.0 and I haven’t really seen an improvement. I’m a little gutted as hoping it would make it usable. All my other apps are fine and very quick. Monzo is terribly slow.

(Is Santa here yet?) #179

2.14.0 is the one that’s out for Testflight users and they’re all reporting a huge difference. Should be in the App Store in the next day or two

(MikeF) #180

OK, I’m looking at 2.14.0.


It needs to fix things very quickly because I have stopped using Monzo completely because of it.

(Hugh Wells) #182

I’m really sorry to hear that @Vacuumfriends :disappointed:

Version 2.14.0 has a load of performance improvements and should be rolling out to everyone this week :pray:

(Nathan) #183

Happy days, thanks @HughWells and the rest of the guys for taking this issue so seriously, was getting pretty bad

(Lewis King) #184

Yep, much faster on TestFlight. Thanks all for the work on this, makes using Monzo a joy again.


Hugh please can we get a notification when update is released - I have started reusing my hsbc account since this issues started as it was getting on my nerves - I will switch back again to Monzo but worried other newer users won’t.

(Hugh Wells) #186

I’m sorry to hear that :disappointed:

I believe there may be an update later on (in the form of a blog). Could I just confirm which version of the app you are running?

(Andre Borie) #187

Honestly I’ve considered switching to Starling at least temporarily too. The :monzo: app is a absolute disaster at present.